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The Fresh 20 Mission

Our mission has always been to get you to the dinner table with more ease and grace. If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that feeling good depends on what you eat.

Your best life includes delicious healthy food that doesn't take a lot of time or money to prepare.

But these days it's easy to get lost in the never-ending choices about health and wellness. We are coming out strong for 2021 with new ways to support your food journey week by week.

Your 12-Month Access to Weekly Meal Plans - Without Hours & Dollars of Meal Planning, Prepping, and Purchasing Ingredients You'll Never Use More Than Once

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Individuals • Couples • Families + Anyone Who Is Time-Starved & Wants To Eat Good & Feel Great

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about our meal plans

I love The Fresh 20 because it takes the guesswork out of what’s for dinner every night. Shopping is so easy because everything is laid out for you and it helps me stay within my budget. - Colleen Finley

I look forward to each meal and don't want it to end. The flavors and variety are amazing and my energy level has improved. This is how we all should be eating! - Joni Oberlin

The recipes have been DELICIOUS! I have learned a lot about preparing food, and ideas for how to make the weekly meal prep easier. I have lost weight, have a ton more energy, and started working out regularly because of it. - Brynn Jones

Really loved the orange glazed shrimp and Pawpaw's chicken and dumplings. The whole week was a winner. - Amber Walsh

I love The Fresh 20 because there is no food waste in my kitchen and I’ve learned so much about ingredients that I would’ve never thought to try. - Alexa Roy

My brain is definitely clearer and it’s showing in my work. - Stacey Gardner

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Passionate about helping you eat simple, healthy & fresh meals with just 20 ingredients per week

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Slam the fridge door on

  • Tedious meal planning

  • Mile-long shopping lists

  • One-off ingredients you’re less likely to repeat (like the tub of vegetable shortening sitting in your pantry that somehow never molds)

  • Throwing money down the kitchen sink drain

  • Unhealthy food choices that rake in unwanted pounds while flattening your wallet

  • The uninspiring sandwich and salad rut that’s taken over your eating plan for 2 months in a row

  • Showing up without a plan in the kitchen – every day of the week

And Satisfy

Your Hungry Stomach With …

A variety of meal plans to suit you and your family’s dietary needs or season of life

(Paleo? Yup. Vegan? You betcha. Gluten-free? Done)

Over 10,000 delicious & healthy recipes created by a team of professional chefs & certified nutritionists

Zero food waste so you empty your fridge by the end of the week, not your wallet

Ready-to-print shopping lists and prep guides to maximize your efficiency

Sustainable self-care hacks that help you live your best life

Fun in the kitchen like bonding with your loved ones and creating memories

Just like these happy members did

When you purchase

All Access Pass,

here’s what you’ll find in your pantry member dashboard:

12 Months of

Access to All 6 Of Our MEAL PLANS (VALUE $199)

This is our signature offer - but better!

You get not one, not two, but access to 6 meal plans. (goodbye boredom & hello variety!)

Your teenage daughter just turned vegan? Husband can’t give up meat? You went Paleo this season?

Or maybe you...

Want to break out of your dinner slump and experiment with out-of-the-box flavor combinations and “less-likely-to-use” ingredients that become your go-to favorites?

Finally, a chance to keep everyone happy.

Select a meal plan from the following options and enjoy a week’s worth of yumminess:

  • Vegan
  • Paleo
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free
  • For One
  • Classic

Defuse the dietary wars, try new flavors, and create memories at the dinner table instead.

Each meal plan is served sizzling hot with:

  • 6 fresh menus uploaded every week in the members’ dashboard (one from each meal plan)

  • Recipes with no more than 20 ingredients that last an entire week

  • Weekly and daily prep guides so you can plan ahead, organize, save time in your busy schedules and still do life

  • A shopping list with a week’s worth of recipes and ingredient names, and exact quantities (no guesswork)

  • A categorized shopping list broken down per meal. For a family of 4, your average cost would be in the ballpark of $75-$85.

  • A treasure trove of archived meal plans so your adventurous taste buds don’t get bored

“I was surprised I liked fennel. Who knew?!"

- Lynnsey

Our Exclusive Collection of Monthly Cooking Guides (Value $144)

We could go on for days about all things cooking and kitchen. There's a lot of fun to be had in the kitchen and we've rounded up some juicy tidbits to fit your delicious lifestyle.

The Cooking Guides are your full course library packed with original recipes, techniques, check lists, cooking charts and recommendations. Everything you need for living well.

Get a new guide delivered each month to your inbox and on your dashboard.

You’ll receive a new guide every month on a new subject. Upcoming guides include...

  • Smoothies: The ultimate liquid meal solution and my absolute favorite way to eat light during busy weekends. This guide walks you through making great tasting and nutritious smoothies so that you can learn the basics and cook without a recipe.

  • Instant Pot Meals: You don't have to sacrifice time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get the lowdown on simple pressure cooker meals that will save you time. Plus our guide to the best equipment and tools for using Instant Pot recipes.

  • Freezer Meals: Think of the freezer as your new reliable friend. We'll break down how to use it efficiently and give you simple recipes that are great to cook and freeze for a rainy day.

  • Canning/Pickling: Whether you’re a DIY pro or just starting out, you’ll find everything you need in this guide to fermentation and storage. Go beyond cucumbers and tomatoes with 20 unique recipes for all four seasons of produce.

  • Juices: Your body will always thank you for a good healthy juice. We're giving you all of our favorites plus a mini guide to juice fasting when you quick reset.

  • Healthy Comfort Food: We compiled our most beloved comfort food recipes for you to devour. Satisfying dishes that will give you that warm, fuzzy feeling.

  • And more: Get a new guide delivered each month to your inbox and on your dashboard.

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